Brian Bobryk

Professional Engineer, Project Manager, SCRUM Master and Scaled Agilist

I am an experienced hands-on technical manager, with a career that started designing and building electronics for the military, I can truly state that I started from the ground up in this industry. This beginning, led to developing device drivers on real time UNIX operating systems. Then further progressed to working on operating system and cluster internals.

Following this natural progression has led me to leading and managing software development teams for large commercial products such as HP’s Systems Insight Manager product and Military Programs such as the Aircraft Data Managment and Control System on two US Aircraft Carriers.

I developed my project management skill set as an absolute necessity when I started managing large scale software systems. This evolved into the usage of Agile based management methodologies. I now possess full SDLC experience in managing large, high-end commercial and military projects; Combined with extensive experience developing hardware and software in numerous languages and platforms.

My exclusive blend of software expertise coupled with a well-rounded engineering background provides me with a unique perspective and insight well suited to developing creative solutions to a customer’s business needs. I have always been a trusted member of the management team, from serving as a corporate representative to standards committees, to leading a team to establish project management standards throughout an organization.

"I always look for both challenging and interesting work where I can apply my skill set to achieve the corporate goals in the most effective manner possible."